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 VG Fly Rods

Vintage Glass fly rods were designed to fish with a traditions fiber glass action. The glass/graphite composition is, what we would consider the "Old School" fishing action. Designed to to fish,like that pole your grand dad had.
8'0", 8'6" & 9'0" 5 wt's are ideal for any situation.

Model Cost Type Length Guides Action Line
VG800-5 $60.95 2 Pc Fly 8'0" 8 M #5/6 Find a dealer.
VG800-5     8'      Fly Rod

VG856-5 $64.95 2 Pc Fly 8'6" 8 M #5/6 Find a dealer.
VG856-5     8'      Fly Rod

VG900-5 $69.95 2 Pc Fly 9'0" 7 M #5/6 Find a dealer.
VG900-5     9'      Fly Rod