W.W. Grigg Fishing Rods.

I was misdiagnoed with Hemochromatosis (too much Iron) five years ago. I was told that I was rusting from the inside out. Three years ago I was re-diagnosed with MDS, blood cancer. We are told that it could be in remission in a year to three or four, or not. Below is a form letter that I have tried to respond with, so my ability to solve problems, find remaining tips in storage, is gone.
I am in a hospital every two days getting blood cells and still wheelchair bound, at this point. WW Grigg is not tecnically out of business, but close. Every consider owning a fishing rod company, started in 1953, Possibly "For Sale".
God Bless, Dave Grigg (Personal Cell:503-799-4954)

Dear Consumer, I'm sorry, I have Mylodisplastic Syndrome. Blood cancer and have just gone through a stem cell transplant. Through this illness, I had tried to keep WW Grigg alive, but most of our customers are gone now. We ran out of the tips for many of our rods, and what is left, is packed away in storage. We, also, have not been in production during this time, which is when we made extra tips. Many people loved our rods but this dieses, for all intensive purposes, has shut us down, for about the last five years. We still have the WW Grigg website ( www.wwgrigg.com ) and there are some left over rods that can be purchased online. Shipping is within a week, based on where we are, whether hospital or home. Sorry, David Grigg. W.W. Grigg Warranty

Here was the "One Year", stated warranty for rods prior to 2005:
W.W. Grigg rods are warranted for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. Warranty covers any defect in materials and/or workmanship. We will replace or repair any part that proves to be defective.

Note: Warranties of more that one year are most often deceiving, as most rods returned after one year are rods that are broken by accident, and manufacturer will charge for repair.

Here is the "Factory Direct - Limited Lifetime Warranty", for rods after 2005:
W.W. Grigg rods are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original purchaser. W.W. Grigg will repair or replace your rod if it breaks, snaps or cracks while fishing (due to any workmanship and materials defects). This warranty does not cover damage due to product alternation, accident, abuse or normal wear. Damage that is found to be of this nature will be repaired at the customers expense. This warranty does not cover products put to commercial or rental use. For prompt warranty service, please return your rod to W.W. Grigg, with a brief explanation of the problem with the rod, in a disposable container, prepaid and insured, along with a dated proof of purchase reciept and $XX.XX service / handling fee. Do not return to the store. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacment of the rod and does not cover any consequential damages due to failure of the rod unless they are specifically included under various state laws.

  2013 - Here's What we need:

    1.    Send us an e-mail - warrantygrigg@aol.com, explaining the problem and noting the model number (GX502LS, etc..), prior to sending your rod in for us to check on parts availability.

    2.    Once we confirm parts availability by e-mail, send a check for $30.00 and your rod to W.W. Grigg LLC.

    3.    We need a UPS’able returnable address (unless AK or HI, not a P.O. Box).

    4.    Include your name and phone number, with your rod.

Once the parts availability is confirmed, send all sections of your fishing rod for inspection to:

W.W. Grigg LLC
PO Box 299
Netarts, OR 97143

W.W. Grigg is not be responcible for rods returned that are left on your front porches and stolen.

W.W. Grigg LLC, has at no time, offered an unconditional, no fault warranty. Rod companies that offer such warranties charge $300 - $700 and up. Your purchase of a Grigg rod, most likely had to do with quality and cost. The reality of a unconditional warranty is that you will have paid for an insurance policy. One was not included, for what would have been the cost of five to ten times, of what you spent on a Grigg Rod.

W.W. Grigg LLC.
E-mail W.W. Grigg LLC warranty department.