W.W. Grigg Fishing Rods.

Custom Made William Walton Grigg

 "Our History"

1953- William Walton Grigg started the W.W. Grigg Company, a manufactures rep agency.

1960- Wally (W.W.) started manufacturing his own products for distribution to retailers. In the mid 70’s Tom Grigg, Wally’s second son, joined the company and the two started building “Custom Made” fishing rods.

1989- at the age of 75, Wally died, due to heart conditions.

1993- David Grigg, the youngest son joined the company as a regional salesman.

1997- David became an equal partner in W.W. Grigg with Tom and took the role of general manager. Tom’s time and energy was freed up to work with local and regional guides and pro-staff on rod development. At this time, the “Custom Made” brand evolved to just W.W. Grigg Rods.

1998- David’s wife Krista, joined W.W. Grigg, overseeing finances and working with production.

2005- Tom Grigg retired and turned W.W. Grigg over to David & Krista Grigg.

2006- W.W. Grigg relocated to Canby, Oregon to it’s newly built distribution center.

Present, we make rods in the tradition of Wally. Using the best quality components and offering the best prices in the industry. That’s what our goal was in the beginning and still remains today.

Thank you for choosing W.W. Grigg, we hope be your rod of choice,

David & Krista Grigg